There’s Trouble at’ Mill!

Accepting, as we should, the individual tragedies writ large on the sands of Sousse; it was never the best idea to bring an ‘ordinary’ family on to the BBC’s prime news show to tell their story.

I have often thought that the BBC Today team should bring more voices into its circle of reporters/broadcasters which it uses as a normality; amongst the many black or multi-coloured ones they have imported over the past few years. But, after listening to the stories produced by the family who reportedly heard the multiple gunmen shooting their fellow tourists on the Sousse beach; I am, suddenly, not so sure.

Quoting from what is a slightly faulty memory, they said:-

“Eeh, bah gum, there were shootin, and loud bangs, so we all hid in this cupboard.”

“and then we came out of the sea, and there was this tiny plane, or it might have been a jet-ski, and then, eeee, it were right frightening, he abseiled onto the beach!”

“And I am so glad to be here, and I were shocked!”

“and the mine disposables team were running, and the gunmen were, like, shot before being reprimanded; like!”