War looms for ‘Fifth Column!


Its just an easy drive from Hereford to Rotherham, then fast across to Dewsbury, Bradford, and the rest of the infected areas; then back down the M1 to Luton, London and Tower Hamlets: so it should be completed in about, oh; four-odd weeks! They’ll probably have to arrange a further drop for ammunition, but the R.A.F. can scrape up a C130 at short notice, seeing as the C-17’s are busy repatriating the Tunisian dead.

One thought on “War looms for ‘Fifth Column!

  1. If only. They could make things a lot easier by letting people apply for concealed carry and then they would get a shed load of income, kick start a destroyed industry and get rid of these nutters in a reasonable timescale and at no cost to the tax payer.

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