The thieving, lying, conniving, twisted bitch!

From the Daily Mail pages.

During a BBC interview about the Mail‘s evidence, Oxfam‘s deputy chief executive, Penny Lawrence, admitted the policy of taking donations from those with dementia – as long as the person could answer a few basic questions – had been approved by the charity.

In an extraordinary defence of the procedure, which has now been scrapped, she said it had been to ensure that ‘people with dementia have the opportunity to donate to us if they wish’.

But she also pointed the finger at the regulators, claiming the Institute of Fundraising – as well as the Alzheimer’s Society and Age UK – had approved Oxfam‘s approach.

The Institute of Fundraising later denied endorsing the procedures that were being used by Oxfam fundraisers at GoGen, saying they differed from those issued by the regulators.

In the interview on Radio 4’s Today programme, Miss Lawrence also said the aim of the policy had been ‘to strike the appropriate balance between enabling people with dementia to have the opportunity to donate to us if they wish, but at the same time protecting them because they’re in a very vulnerable position’. But she added: ‘I do acknowledge, though, that to get the balance right with vulnerable people is extremely difficult. We are actually working with vulnerable groups to see how can we be more sensitive and get it as absolutely best as possible.’

So thats all right then; the screwdown on those nut-jobs ‘people of limited intellect’ can go ahead, because it is all being implemented by the rules.
Update:-  copy of e-mail sent to OXFAM Trustees
For the attention of the Trustees.
She definitely will not be missed!
Mike Cunningham

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