but is it beautiful?

Without wishing to intrude upon any part of this sometimes-United Kingdom’s need to celebrate its history, traditions or culture; the picture does give the impression similar to using a sledgehammer to knock a carpet tack into the wooden flooring.


I have been recently involved in correspondence regarding the Durham Miners Gala. In my view, it is, and has been for years past, an anachronism, a wish to return to the good old days when the Labour Unions ruled the roost, and the Labour Party did exactly what the Unions demanded. The return correspondence was, literally; acid and vitriolic. But, here in England, we would no more expect a portion of our populace to build and light a massive bonfire to make a historical and political point than we would expect to fly off to the moon without a space vehicle or rocket. Yes, we do have bonfires, allegedly to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ attempt, some 410 years ago, to murder the entire political establishment; but those bonfires are either dying out, or carefully controlled and supervised.

There are marching bands and bowler-hatted leaders, flags and parades aplenty; so, I would ask  a simple query; why the massive bonfires?