At the ‘click’ of a phone, we shall remember, er; who?


I wouldn’t mind our Jeremy getting all hot under the collar about a bunch of wharfies who had been made redundant, after several face-to-face meetings, an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) negotiated by HPA and the MUA which had made text message and email an agreed means of communication between the company and staff; e-mails and a staffer confirming that  “The texts and emails were not sent in isolation, they were preceded by lengthy consultation and followed by proper processes. In addition to the text and emails, letters were also posted to the workers on the same date”: but at least try not to look so bloody despondent.

I mean, if he thinks its a lost cause, why the photograph?

Its all a bit like that idiotic Facebook  or Twatter campaign which said “Bring back our girls”. That didn’t achieve very much either.

He just knows the Priorities of Government!

America’s leader has just announced an end to America’s problems. Forget the massive debt, running into literally 18 trillions of dollars. Forget the ferocious onslaught on ISIL, which is achieving absolutely nothing. Forget the 7,000 American soldiers still stationed in Afghanistan, acting as stationary targets for the odd Taliban with an AK-47 and an itch. Forget the huge problems with race, and black-on-black crime, and drugs, and illegal immigrants. Forget about the ongoing slog for millions of Americans who are searching for a job!

Don’t worry about all those festering problems; for your fearless Leader has just done something incredibly brave, far-sighted and with incredible honesty and compassion.

He has just renamed Mount McKinley as Mount Denali.


We are saved! Glory Hallelujiah! We are saved!

and the Answer is?

Listening with only one ear this morning, to the the usual tripe and propaganda bilge from the BBC, care of their Toady Programme. The original discussion, as far as remembered, was about how teenaged girls would jump into hysterics over some spotty-faced Boy band, and how this differed from people watching a rugby or football match. The presenters and some bloke were talking about sport, and how it was ‘understandable’ for a grown man to cry if his team had lost, or won for that matter; but this ‘emotional response’ was totally different to a bunch of adolescent females showing off their hormonal urges as a group.

Now, as for myself; I just cannot understand the whole idea of ‘my team’ or being ‘the winner’, or the ‘best’: or whatever is shoveled out by the sports-lovers lobby, which of course is vast and all-pervasive. Sport itself, in all its forms, is just another Industry, and all its individual tendril offshoots are dedicated to doing one thing, and one thing only, to take your cash, and endeavour to get ever more of your cash, and business’ cash, and tv and broadband cash, to enrich the Empire whilst delivering: exactly what? Emotional release? Team loyalty? Admiration of individual endeavour? Let’s face it, sports fans are just as deluded as any other mass entertainment audience. When the  Chelsea fans roar their approval, what are they actually stating? That their team is better than their opponents? That they are ‘winners’? What actually have they, the spectators, silly, deluded people that they are, really won, or achieved? When an Olympic crowd of eighty-odd thousand cheers a victory in a distance race, are they applauding the winner, or are they stating that their country, and its political philosophy, is somehow on a higher plane than the runners who came second, or last? What I am asking, in admittedly a roundabout way is this: What’s the Point?

So your team wins, or the runner comes first, or the penalty-taker misses, or whatever god-forsaken physical activity which you hew to makes the headlines on the back pages of some gutter-press production. Why the glorification? Why the deluded doom when the ‘Team’ is headed, inexorably, for the demotion area of the League? There seems to be a total lack of awareness that, for every winner, there must be a ‘loser’. I remember reading some ‘pop-ed’ piece where the female writer came home on a Saturday afternoon to find her fiancè lying on the floor, beating his fists into the carpet, whilst moaning ‘Liverpool lost!’ Big deal! The governmental, with the emphasis on the ‘mental’ part of that word, push when the Olympics were being touted around as the saviour of all things British is but typical of the hype surrounding sport and its promotion. The Olympics would give new emphasis to inclusivity, and general health, along with all the usual mealy-mouthed phrases from the lowest of the low: an ex-Government Minister.

The words which shape the phrase ‘role-models’ are used, especially in football, to determine who is being hero-worshipped by the plebs this month; but just let us examine those who are being touted as the ‘role-model’ for impressionable youngsters in today’s shabby little universe. The likes of Ryan Giggs, of whom I wrote  “a footballer whose ‘clean-living’ image was parlayed into a huge array of sponsorships was found, after the removal of not one but several ‘super-injunctions’ was found to be leading such an amoral lifestyle as not only carrying on a liaison with some prostitute, but also to have had sex with his brother’s wife over an eight year period: is portrayed as a role-model; no wonder men of my generation shake their heads in silent sorrow.” In my younger days, our

Statue Of Newcastle United Football Legend Jackie Milburn (wor Jackie) In Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Statue Of Newcastle United Football Legend Jackie Milburn (wor Jackie) In Newcastle Upon Tyne.

heroes were heroes, worthy of the name, but that sort of individual wouldn’t stand much chance of reward in these days of instant glory, and of fame for fame’s sake. I wrote of a young man who was being touted as the ‘next great thing’ in football, but I also wrote of that same youngster as being an amoral thug who threatened a contemporary with violence because his friends had been charged on evidence given by this young man. The footballer was named Ravel Morrison; and I musingly asked if an elderly man would post a picture of Ravel Morrison on a blogsite some twenty-three years after his death? Somehow, I doubt it!

The huge business of Sport, whether it is football and the fatally-corrupted & -flawed FIFA, or Athletics and the dope-ridden IAAF; cricket, and the fantastic numbers of Indian enthusiasts; or any one of a dozen differing sporting endeavours, are all inextricably linked with cash, with sponsorship, with the huge deals for global television. But again I ask the only question which counts: What’s the Point? Does it really matter if one man or woman runs faster, jumps longer, or moves a ball more skilfully than his opponent? Apart from individual earnings, that is? Why this adoration of certain people because of either a natural or learned ability to perform certain manoeuvres? Why the fevered following for a team of a certain city, or even a locality; despite there being hardly any native sons in that team? When I was much younger, my Dad and my brother went to all Newcastle home matches, and there they could watch and cheer men who came from the same villages and vicinity as the fans. But could a similar family identify with a team today? I doubt it very, very much indeed!

it all depends if the water is supposed to do that!

As I am, by training, of the Electrical Engineering persuasion, with a necessary amount of Mechanical knowledge obtained over the years, I comment upon matters pertaining to Civil Engineering mostly by osmosis. One of the basic elements of good concrete is the simple fact that, once the concrete commences being poured into the shuttered area which has been filled with the required re-bar, the workers immediately shove ‘vibrating pokers’ into the concrete mass, to ensure that both all the volume of the shuttered area is filled homogeneously with the concrete, but also to ensure that all air bubbles are expelled from the mix before it commences hardening. To allay any fears regarding my use of the term ‘vibrating poker’, I feel I should explain that the average diameter of a ‘poker’ is around 75mm., with the weight somewhere around fifteen kgs. The vibrator crew usually walk in the concrete, dragging the vibrators with them, the noise is usually horrendous, and the work is both strenuous and really, really necessary, because without good homogeneity, the concrete will fail if stress is later placed upon it.

Another source of worry, to Civil Engineers that is, is to either restrict or eliminate any pauses during the filling of deep or large pours of concrete, mainly because, once the concrete has commenced hardening during a delay, no further mix should be poured until the initial surface has been roughened or ‘scarified’, so as to provide a seamless and problem-free continuity of concrete for the rest of the work. It is a definition of good concrete work that all delays beyond a certain time limit are treated with scarifying equipment, because without such treatment, a joint will fail under pressure!

I would now present two photographs and one video, as a commentary, by an independent observer sited some thousands of miles away from site, of the quality problems of the Panama Canal Expansion.


Photo shows a concrete section removed from the Cocoli Locks compex.


Full views of the size and reach of the leaking water in the lock cill.


Oh dear; It does not look Good!

For those not up-to-speed with the Canal Lock system, the huge, super-thick concrete cill is what the rolling lock gate rests against when the lock actually fills with water; hence the concern about the actual strength of the cill concrete: because if the cill wall fails, the lock gate moves, all the water drains out, and the ship would be sitting on the concrete deck of the lock, with nowhere to go. As I remarked; Oh dear!

(Acknowledgements to my mates Kumar, Mark and Benji for the thorough introduction to large concrete works.)

You & I voted for them; so, really, we brought it upon Ourselves!

Net Immigration statistics have just revealed the UK-bound inflow at an astounding 330,000 people last year until March. Astounding because of the shallow lies (immigration down to the tens of thousands) told by not only the Conservatives when in coalition, but also the Labour bunch in the thirteen years of their, hopefully, last time in power: with their immigration ‘open-door policy’ which they admitted was nothing more than blatant social engineering to break down the overwhelmingly white background of the British population. But the migrant number which I write about is the figure 39,000. This is the number of people coming into the UK from Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh and points eastward. This is the important figure because these people are, overwhelmingly Muslim by religion, background and what is laughingly called ‘upbringing’. They will, to use our estimable Prime Minister’s terminology; join the ‘swarms’ who have already infested and colonised parts of London, Birmingham, the old Yorkshire and Lancashire mill towns, Manchester and up on into Scotland.

Being perfectly honest, I don’t have much time for those who state that the ‘floods’ of EU East Europeans from Poland, Slovenia, Latvia or Estonia have done harm to our very existence as a Nation; mainly because these people are, really, mirror images of ourselves. Overwhelmingly Christian by faith, by belief and by example, they are hard-working and keen to get and keep a job, help their communities, generally mind their own businesses, and integrate into British society. I tend to discount the alarm tales spread about the huge numbers of Bulgarians and Romanians, as, again, they are either Greek, Roman or Eastern Orthodox Christians; if we also accept the totally feckless inward population of Roma, or gypsies, or pikeys, as living down to the usual image of themselves. Before anyone attempts to claim ‘offense’ because of my terminology; thats just ‘tough’!

But back to the initial theme of this small essay, which is the huge influx of Muslims, which has built up, inclusive of the 39,000, into our astonishingly pliant society. There are now well over two million (2,000,000) Muslims living in Great Britain, and in a recent poll, 25% responded favourably to the killers of Islamic State. Please note that I do not state that Muslims are ‘scroungers’, or ne’er-do-wells, or wholesale benefit claimants; most are hard-working and admirable in many ways. The trouble is within their DNA, in their very belief structures, where just a little emphasis on the wrong syllable or phrase in their alleged ‘holy book’ will turn a mild-mannered student into a cold, calculating killer! Remember the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris?  Recall the near-miss on the Paris-bound Thalys express, where the muslim fanatic only wounded two people, although he had seven full magazines for his Kalashnikov in his backpack? If you just take one percent of one percent, that gives at least 200 fanatics who are ready to die for their f**king Caliphate. We all know how leaky our borders really are, with less than one percent of freight examined, and almost no cars checked or searched; what are the chances that the AK-47s and the loaded magazines are already in cupboards in Dewsbury, or amongst the 250,000 muslim residents of the swarming ghetto suburbs of Birmingham; and that is not the one in Alabama?  All it takes is one to get to shave his body hair off, cleansing himself according to his murderous rituals; then spraying himself with perfume and dressing in clean clothing; before loading his magazines with 7.62 calibre bullets, cleaning and oiling his fool-proof AK-47 assault rifle, the choice of terrorists and armies alike, and setting off towards the transport hub of his choice, the death of his choice and his brain-addled beliefs; and carnage will result. This will repeat and repeat itself, with either bombs or bullets, until our so-called Government realises that they must defeat the Fifth Column in our very midst, which they have helped build up, with their stupid laws, and interminable processes of law, which gives shelter to the very scum who intend death and destruction of our very way of life.

And, folks, just to end this small essay upon an uplifting note; there are 75 million, that is 75,000,000 Turks living in Turkey; they are all Muslim, and they are only blocked from full entry to the whole of the European Union because of a minor difficulty in the Accession process. This hiccup was caused by the Turks not wishing to sign up to the Greek side of Cyprus, the French being more than a bit Bolshie, and, well, read the damn thing and you will realise the Euro-clowns are doing their level best to get around their own rules: and then, hey: you have 75,000,000 Muslims able to get on a train, and they don’t even have to join the queue at Calais. Magic what our great leaders have placed in motion!

The missing numbers!

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