Look, up there, a full squadron of flying pigs!

Well, well: its is a strange, strange day when I find myself in complete harmony and agreement with the Man himself, ‘The Son of Lenin’ and friend of both Hamas and Pol Pot’, Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy, who for some strange and unfathomable reason, possibly connected with both the wilder pronunciations of David Icke and the fortune-telling skills of Gipsy Rose Lee from Surbiton, is almost a dead certainty for the position of the Leader of the Labour Party. I have ever had a long respect for both Corbyn and his colleague Dennis Skinner, more widely and tenderly known as the ‘Beast of Bolsover’. A deep respect and admiration for these two men, products of the old-style Labour Party which produced this type of politician; honest, incorruptible, incapable of back-tracking on a policy or a political belief or strategy which had been proven to be unacceptable to the voters. That type of Labour personality has almost disappeared from both Front and Back-Benches, filled as they now are with clones of either Blair, Kinnock or Milliband. Which is almost a good thing for Britain, because the voters of Britain have seen through the gauze curtain which is wrapped around the core Labour Party, and have decided that the Conservatives are just that little bit more trustworthy than the alternative.

But of course I digress from my first point, which is my surprise to find an alliance with the presumptive Leader of the Labour Party. Mr. Corbyn has many, many beliefs, most of which are diametrically opposed to my own, which are firmly of the Right. He believes fervently in the benefits of Socialism, I am opposed. He believes that the so-called ‘Austerity’ measures, imposed on us by Osborne, are evil and wasteful; I myself am still waiting for Osborne to actually implement any ‘austerity’ measures at all: ‘austerity’ meaning actual savings to the Public Purse: as he is actually borrowing more now than Labour ever did during their time in office. But on  one point, and one only, I agree with Jeremy Corbyn: I too am opposed to the truly wasteful expenditure of over £50 billion on the boondoggle which will be HighSpeed2

No-one gave two shits!

1400 kids groomed, raped and sexually used and abused over a period of seven years in Rotherham……………..Police activity……………….Nil

Two separate allegations of paeadophile activity levelled against a DEAD former Prime Minister over a three-day timescale …………………FIVE major police forces, services; whatever, commence immediate and high-profile investigations.

Can anyone else besides me see a pattern of events developing? I mean, all those White kids in Rotherham, Rochdale and again in Oxford: the council, the social worker teams, the police; no-one can say that the warning signs were not there. And yet; until the whistle finally blew, and the Jay Report was delivered, NO-ONE gave two shits for those kids in that miserable, so-called ‘multi-cultural’ Muslim-dominated town in Yorkshire!

But when two allegations of the new ‘Holy of Holies’, of Historic Sexual Abuse emerge, a charge which cannot, ever, be conclusively proven one way or another; mainly because the suspect is DEAD: not one but Five Police Forces jump, and commence ‘investigations’ of a man who had held the highest political office in the land!

Just by the way, whatever happened to those allegations of a Very Senior Labour Politician who was thought to be involved in paeadophile practices? All those headlines, all those hints; and then….Nothing. Strange, that silence; or is it?