A traveller from a far-off land……

I have authored this, my own small blogsite since May 2006. I have a small but loyal following, and I can read my traffic by country of origin within the statistics page. I get visitors from the UK & Northern Ireland, of course, but also from just about anywhere in this Web-connected world of ours, as people surf, and stop, and then move on.

I state my causes, my grievances, my annoyances, my dislikes, my detestations: and on the rare instance; I write of Love, Happiness, Triumph and Sadness both in the wider world and within my own life.

But a few days ago, I had a very, very strange visitor from an unknown entity: this visitor came from The European Union. I do hope he or she was truly disappointed in what was read.

One thought on “A traveller from a far-off land……

  1. I read your blog from Germany………..but that is because a/ it’s where I live and b/ I like the cut o yer jib 🙂 I’m no EU lover.

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