Lunacies of Labour

A letter to my two local newspapers:-

For the attention of the Editor

Dear Sir,

I write in sheer wonder, not at the lunacy exhibited by hard-left members of the Labour Party when they propose and indeed make Jeremy Corbyn favourite to be elected Leader; the most unlikely MP ever to be considered as standard-bearer for the Labour Party, but wonder in reality if indeed all sense has deserted a Party which held a tradition of common sense in internal governance ever since the days of Keir Hardie. I have often been in awe of the giants of the Labour movement, men of integrity, men, indeed of honour; from way back to its infancy as a movement for and of the Common Man; with truly uncommon men as its founders and early leaders. But, we look in vain for a leader with both vision and integrity as we gaze at the present-day pip-squeaks who seek power both within, and without, their Party structure.

Mr. Corbyn has been quoted as stating that he would return some, if not all, the enterprises which were wrested from the iron grip of the State; back to the control of the ‘Working Man’ and his outriders, the Trade Unions. I would gently ask if the history of the Nationalised Industries, water, power, railways, telecomms, the former mines; gives a hint of what might happen if Mr. Corbyn, along with his rag-tag army of Communists, Socialists and fellow-travellers have their tender way with the sinews of our Nation once again. Can I remind the reader of the ‘winter of discontent’, which occurred only thirty-five years ago: remind the reader of the bodies left unburied, of the mountains of garbage bags left lying in the streets for weeks, of the hospitals which could only accept ‘emergencies’,of the lunatic strikes for unrealistic pay increases; of the sinister ‘flying pickets’ of the trade union ‘Heavy Mobs’, which made, by force, unwilling drivers do the bidding of the Labour Union movement. Can I remind the  starry-eyed Labour voters that their precious Corbyn’s ideals are the same as those which virtually bankrupted Liverpool during the reign of the ‘Militant Tendency?

The Labour MPs which presently represent the big majorities from Blyth, Newcastle down through Durham to Teesside and Stockton are competent able people, and while disagreeing with virtually everything they stand for, I have to admit that they are good at their jobs; but how many would be able to withstand the pressures exerted by a hard-left Labour presence, under Socialist and Communist control: which is what is likely to happen if Corbyn’s Red’s grab control!

The man who cried ‘Beware the Ides of March’ to Caesar wasn’t wrong with his warning; the Daily Mail isn’t wrong; and those who speak against the fuzzy ideals of Jeremy Corbyn are not wrong either!


Mike Cunningham

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