You & I voted for them; so, really, we brought it upon Ourselves!

Net Immigration statistics have just revealed the UK-bound inflow at an astounding 330,000 people last year until March. Astounding because of the shallow lies (immigration down to the tens of thousands) told by not only the Conservatives when in coalition, but also the Labour bunch in the thirteen years of their, hopefully, last time in power: with their immigration ‘open-door policy’ which they admitted was nothing more than blatant social engineering to break down the overwhelmingly white background of the British population. But the migrant number which I write about is the figure 39,000. This is the number of people coming into the UK from Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh and points eastward. This is the important figure because these people are, overwhelmingly Muslim by religion, background and what is laughingly called ‘upbringing’. They will, to use our estimable Prime Minister’s terminology; join the ‘swarms’ who have already infested and colonised parts of London, Birmingham, the old Yorkshire and Lancashire mill towns, Manchester and up on into Scotland.

Being perfectly honest, I don’t have much time for those who state that the ‘floods’ of EU East Europeans from Poland, Slovenia, Latvia or Estonia have done harm to our very existence as a Nation; mainly because these people are, really, mirror images of ourselves. Overwhelmingly Christian by faith, by belief and by example, they are hard-working and keen to get and keep a job, help their communities, generally mind their own businesses, and integrate into British society. I tend to discount the alarm tales spread about the huge numbers of Bulgarians and Romanians, as, again, they are either Greek, Roman or Eastern Orthodox Christians; if we also accept the totally feckless inward population of Roma, or gypsies, or pikeys, as living down to the usual image of themselves. Before anyone attempts to claim ‘offense’ because of my terminology; thats just ‘tough’!

But back to the initial theme of this small essay, which is the huge influx of Muslims, which has built up, inclusive of the 39,000, into our astonishingly pliant society. There are now well over two million (2,000,000) Muslims living in Great Britain, and in a recent poll, 25% responded favourably to the killers of Islamic State. Please note that I do not state that Muslims are ‘scroungers’, or ne’er-do-wells, or wholesale benefit claimants; most are hard-working and admirable in many ways. The trouble is within their DNA, in their very belief structures, where just a little emphasis on the wrong syllable or phrase in their alleged ‘holy book’ will turn a mild-mannered student into a cold, calculating killer! Remember the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris?  Recall the near-miss on the Paris-bound Thalys express, where the muslim fanatic only wounded two people, although he had seven full magazines for his Kalashnikov in his backpack? If you just take one percent of one percent, that gives at least 200 fanatics who are ready to die for their f**king Caliphate. We all know how leaky our borders really are, with less than one percent of freight examined, and almost no cars checked or searched; what are the chances that the AK-47s and the loaded magazines are already in cupboards in Dewsbury, or amongst the 250,000 muslim residents of the swarming ghetto suburbs of Birmingham; and that is not the one in Alabama?  All it takes is one to get to shave his body hair off, cleansing himself according to his murderous rituals; then spraying himself with perfume and dressing in clean clothing; before loading his magazines with 7.62 calibre bullets, cleaning and oiling his fool-proof AK-47 assault rifle, the choice of terrorists and armies alike, and setting off towards the transport hub of his choice, the death of his choice and his brain-addled beliefs; and carnage will result. This will repeat and repeat itself, with either bombs or bullets, until our so-called Government realises that they must defeat the Fifth Column in our very midst, which they have helped build up, with their stupid laws, and interminable processes of law, which gives shelter to the very scum who intend death and destruction of our very way of life.

And, folks, just to end this small essay upon an uplifting note; there are 75 million, that is 75,000,000 Turks living in Turkey; they are all Muslim, and they are only blocked from full entry to the whole of the European Union because of a minor difficulty in the Accession process. This hiccup was caused by the Turks not wishing to sign up to the Greek side of Cyprus, the French being more than a bit Bolshie, and, well, read the damn thing and you will realise the Euro-clowns are doing their level best to get around their own rules: and then, hey: you have 75,000,000 Muslims able to get on a train, and they don’t even have to join the queue at Calais. Magic what our great leaders have placed in motion!