At the ‘click’ of a phone, we shall remember, er; who?


I wouldn’t mind our Jeremy getting all hot under the collar about a bunch of wharfies who had been made redundant, after several face-to-face meetings, an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) negotiated by HPA and the MUA which had made text message and email an agreed means of communication between the company and staff; e-mails and a staffer confirming that  “The texts and emails were not sent in isolation, they were preceded by lengthy consultation and followed by proper processes. In addition to the text and emails, letters were also posted to the workers on the same date”: but at least try not to look so bloody despondent.

I mean, if he thinks its a lost cause, why the photograph?

Its all a bit like that idiotic Facebook  or Twatter campaign which said “Bring back our girls”. That didn’t achieve very much either.

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