and will ye nae come back, agin?

This post started by my commencing the writing of a long, well-researched and thoughtful piece on whether we should leave or stay in the European Union. It was to be long, because there are so many facets to both arguments. But then I changed my mind and decided that I write of perceptions instead of arguments.

My question, therefore comes in two parts.

Should this be the image which ensures you vote to stay in the Union?


Or is this the lingering image which ensures that you vote to leave?


One thought on “and will ye nae come back, agin?

  1. Why would the first image persuade anyone to vote to stay in the “Union”? Or to leave it, come to that?

    The unfortunate victim was a Kurd fleeing the civil war in Syria, who drowned en route and came ashore in Turkey.

    Neither of those countries is in the EU, the Kurds have never been European, the war was not started (and will not be stopped) by the EU.

    The EU, and our membership of it, have nothing whatsoever to do with the picture, sad though it be.

    Is everything, but everything, now to be decided on a basis of one’s emotional reaction to completely unrelated events?

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