‘Sun King’ is a bit tarnished now.

I listened to the blether spouted by Lord Browne on  BBC Today this morning with both awe and contempt in my mind. Here was a bloke who was chanting on about ‘openness’ and ‘responsibility to tell the truth’; in his book, he urges companies to ditch their Corporate Responsibility departments, throw out the PR spin machines, and ‘engage with Society in an open and honest manner’.

Bit rich the ‘openness and honesty’ routine, coming from a man who chaired the BP Board, and:-

  • organised a 25% cut in operating budgets for the BP refinery at Texas City, claiming that too much was being spent unnecessarily.
  • complacently sat back whilst a catastrophic chain of miscalculations, safety violations and cost-cutting measures were the true cause of the explosion at Texas City cost the lives of 15 workers, with 180 injured.
  • only settled, for possibly millions of dollars, the case of negligence brought by Eva Rowe over her parents death in the Texas disaster, when her lawyers tried to subpoena Browne for a trial
  • oversaw the reduction in expensive maintenance costs which resulted in an Alaskan oil spill through rusty pipes corroding and collapsing
  • authorised, through both complacency and plain cost-cutting measures, in the words of the OSHA; a lack of preventative maintenance on safety critical systems, inoperative alarms and level sensors in the ISOM process unit and the continued use of outdated blowdown drum and stack technology when replacement with the safer flare option had been a feasible alternative for many years.
  • dismissed talented engineers with years of experience, in favour of ‘bean-counters’ and sycophants who knew how to kow-tow and honour the ‘Sun King’ in the fashion he was used to receiving.
  • tried to have an Injunction upheld, after he lied to a Court about how he had met his homosexual lover,

Don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t believe this clown if he told me what time it was.