and the stage curtains draw back once more…..

Well, well; I note the usual suspects around the top table of NornIron politics are acting out a charade to stand alongside the best acting given on the Globe Theatre, but with an all too different audience. The D.U.P. is pulling out of the devolved Assembly, using the excuse that the I.R.A. is active once more: giving the murder of two I.R.A. thugs as proof that they are on active service.

As a seasoned viewer on N.I. Affairs, I would have thought it apparent to all that this particular ‘outrage’ is nothing more than three sets of politicians manoeuvring to get out of their responsibilities.

As i see it, the DUP and the UUP wish to bring into Northern Ireland the same savings and austerity measures which have been introduced over the past five years on the Mainland. In this endeavour, they have been consistently refused advance by the IRASinnFein contingent in Stormont, who prefer to pay their ‘Community Advisers’ (code for IRA thugs) through inflated sick benefit, unemployment benefit, spurious Disability claims and other financial shenanigans to the tune of over £100,000.00 per year to EACH claimant! As for the ‘claims’ procedure, which civil servant in Northern Ireland is going to knock back a claim for Disability from a vicious thug and IRA member, who is known to carry a gun, or even better a baseball bat?

So the UUP retires from the Administration, and then the DUP follows suit, and then the Westminster Government will suspend the Assembly, take over the Governing of the Province, and bring in the austerity savings which should have taken effect four years ago. The three warring parties will then shake hands, start up again at Stormont, and the wicked British Government can then be blamed for the loss of all that lovely money!

As a final remark on the whole ludicrous idea of a ‘Devolved Assembly’; I honestly believe that the big mistake made by the British Government was to even think of talking to any of the assorted bunches of terrorists and criminals, especially with the understanding that they could be trusted. The only message that scum understand should have been delivered through the barrel of a rifle; and the ‘caring, sharing’ philosophy of the bleeding-heart traitorous Blair Government would have been squashed before it came into being!