Stews, brews and not-the-news!

Drawing, as we should, a veil of silence and contemplation over the strange challenges which now await the old Labour Party; I thought I would cast a musing eye over some of the other stories in today’s newspapers and news orgs.

  • Facebook was sued by a family in Northern Ireland for allowing their eleven year-old daughter to open a Facebook outline and page. The settlement was confidential, but the problem remains, youngsters are more savvy by far than their parents as far as hi-tech goes, so unless you double-password lock all internet-capable gear in the entire house, the kids are going to ‘chat’ and ‘snap’ and ‘friend’, as well as whatever else passes for social conversations between the tweenies, the teens; and of course, the gormless!
  • Online and print rumours abound that the alleged ‘Westminster porn and paeado’ scandal’s top witness is fast losing credibility as no sign of proof emerges from weeks of investigation.
  • A high-level cover-up by the Anglican church has been exposed after the conviction for sexual abuse of minor children is announced on Bishop Peter Ball. strange, is it not, that the very charge and conviction was sought after a review by the very own Anglican church which commenced after earlier scandals were making news. Its only twenty-two years since this robed-criminal was let off with a Police Caution after what seems to have been high-level interference from both the Anglican Hierarchy, the CPS and the Tory Party. Seems like another case of the kids; they don’t matter; (take a minute and listen to the recording; it really is quite brutal) they’ll get over it; its not as if anyone was seriously injured! The creeping, slimy, crawling, mewling bastards! What I’d like is access to a muscled bunch of heavies, a long street full of lamp-posts, and a good five hundred yards of strong nylon rope!
  • Yet another dreary story on whether any athletics event in the past one hundred years has been won without major assistance from any subsidiaries or off-shoots of the Pharmaceutical empires which also help us get, feel, or keep better. Seems as though a well-known British female long-distance runner has got the galloping whatzits because her sport was casually mentioned in a meeting of a Parliamentary Committee. My only comment would be along the lines of ‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much’, and would be better if she kept schtum!
  • The first European Politician to speak the truth about the asylum/refugee/migrant/mobile muslim army is Hungary’s Prime Minister, saying:- “I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country,” Orban told journalists outside the EU headquarters at Brussels. “We do not like the consequences,” he said, referring to the country’s 150-year history of Ottoman rule during the 16th and 17th centuries.

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