Nudged, surprised, or just plain embarrassed.

Looking back over the past five or seven-odd years, I reckon that we in the Western world have been subjected to a pretty sophisticated mind manipulating operation, all in favour of the clowns with that strange acronym LGBT.

I am writing about one subject and one alone, the strange and nasty push of everything-but full frontal nudity and full-on sex on television. I began to take notice some time back, but it is a fact that, more and more sex acts are being shown in serials and tv films, almost as a matter of fact. I have always considered what anyone does in the privacy of their own bedrooms to be their own affair, as long as they are both above the age of consent. But to have the sex act shown virtually uncensored, with possibly only the actual private parts of both practitioners concealed or shadowed by camera position, is really becoming absurd.

I have seen some pornographic items, hell, you cannot avoid it on T’Internet, but those sites are seen and watched by choice; and if that is your thing (sorry about that), well, good luck to you, but that kind of activity should definitely not have much of a percentage play on broadcast television; mainly because young adults should be taught that porn, and what is shown on many if not most sites which cater for such practices, is deviant, and totally without the driving force which should accompany it, which is human love, and the desire which accompanies that emotion.

So just sit back, and contemplate what is being fed into your mind’s eye every time you watch many television series, some British, but mainly American, and see for yourself how they have changed, with the main characters not just acting before, or after, sex; but right away through it. Apart from anything else, I hesitate to watch some series with my adult daughter in the same room; mainly because I find it intensely embarrassing!

But then we must explore the reasons behind this literal explosion of fornication on television; the push to make, or the expectation of, the showing of the sex act between a man and a woman almost without comment is literally to one end, and one end only; that which has yet to be seen at all on mainstream television. I am referring of course to homosexual sex activity. It is, after all, the next logical thing to be shown; because once homosexuality was firstly legalised, the parade follows on almost naturally. If homesexual acts, same-sex ‘marriage’ is legal, then where, the argument will follow, is the harm in showing or depicting homosexual or lesbian sexual activity on mainstream television: because, the argument will go on, it is all perfectly normal, so what is the fuss?

Believe me, I am old enough to know a little about human nature, and if the ‘push’ is there, and the pressure is applied consistently, the deviants will have their way, and the filth will appear to corrupt your families, and you will not be able to do anything about it, because, hey, it is, after all, perfectly legal: ain’t it? And if any are ‘offended’ by my comments; well, that is just tough!