Shocked, but also horrified!

When something terrible happens immediately beside or in front of your eyes, you have a right to be shocked. As I recall, I stood stock still, not knowing or indeed comprehending the death which I had just missed; as the bus rammed straight through the front of the pedestrian crowd as we all made for the other side of the road. I was literally unable to move; until another man who had been further behind me moved up, took me by the shoulder, and asked “Alright, Mate?”

If you watch something in real life, on television or ‘youtube’ which is grotesquely evil, and yet not totally unexpected; you have a right to be shocked, because that sort of behaviour is simply repellant to ordinary mortals.

But to claim to be shocked because the majority of passengers, who saw the swift detention and removal of an ‘illegal migrant’ off a ferry before it left from the quayside, applauded the fast reaction of that crew member: that is just false, that is just politically-correct hogwash!

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