Cause; and effect.

Time after time, we see the problems caused directly by the actions of politicians who simply do not understand the ramifications of their policies, orders, and statements. When President Bush Senior agreed with his generals to halt the pursuit aretreatand annihilation of Saddam Hussein’s battered armoured columns after the terrible slaughter on the retreat from Kuwait: he could not have foreseen that, once the Iraqi senior military men had pledged utter allegiance to Hussein, the dictator would impose yet more death and carnage on Iraq’s long-suffering Shi’ites and Kurds, outfox the weapons inspectors, and outplay the oil sanctions enforcement people in the manner he did. The Second Gulf War, brought about by the totally-illusory information regarding the imaginary ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, followed the same path of error upon compounded error; the worst of which was the disbanding of the Iraq military. The mistake in downgrading the American military forces in Afghanistan, to bolster the American army in Iraq, just as they were getting to grips with the remainder of the Taliban, was yet further proof of the Second (Political) Law of Unintended Consequences.

Whilst Libya’s family Gaddaffi was well known as being three bricks short of a wall, at least the country ran, the oil was exported, the water was pumped, and its people were comparatively well-fed; if not being free as we in the West know or understand the term. When the images of Gaddafi’s forces preparing to annihilate the rebel forces in Benghazi came on to tv screens in Government offices in Paris and London, the call was, ‘save the noble Libyans from the mad dictator’s revenge’, and the French Mirages, and the British Tornadoes, aided by the cruciform shapes of the American A-10 jets, armed with 30mm rotary cannons, wiped the desert sands with the sorry remains of Gadaffi’s armoured columns. The rebels persisted, and the Tripoli-Benghazi campaign ended the days of Gaddafi, along with his brutal army: only to be replaced with two warring separate Governments in Benghazi and Tripoli, and the only export adds to the flow of economic migrants making the slow float across the Mediterranean Sea towards Spain, Italy and Greece; with ISIS a shadowy force sitting out in the desert, polishing their armament stocks.

When the European Union officials decided to interfere in Ukraine, aided by wet dreams of EU expansion and territory, and gave succour and assistance to the rebels in Kiev; how could they not have looked at the history of the Ukraine, and thus avoided the massive strike-back from Putin’s Russian armour, as they first annexed the Crimea, and then instigated the Separatist movement in Russified Eastern Ukraine?

We in the West used to breed Statesmen; people such as Churchill, and De Gaulle, along with Dwight D. Eisenhower. we knew we could depend upon them, because they had been through the fire, and had emerged twice as strong. Look at what we have today: a Prime Minister who started out as an advertising salesman, an American President who made a play for the top job based upon a half-term in Congress, a work history as a ‘community adviser’ in Chicago, and a black skin. How indeed have the mighty fallen!

2 thoughts on “Cause; and effect.

  1. Don’t leave the black bit till last. That was the bit that got him the job.

    btw: Colour scheme is crap. Can you brighten the words or darken the background. I have to highlight the text to read it.

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