These illegal migrants have no business here

They are, simply, thieves and opportunistic vagabonds, and they should be shunned forthwith! 

They take food meant for others; they occupy homes meant for the indigenous British, and they are noisy, totally unlawful and undocumented!

Join me in this mass protest, and we shall remove this scourge of undocumented and illegal migrants who have arrived here without so much as a nod to the Authorities!

Rev. W. Awdry loses Tender bid for HS2 works.

I was composing a piece about George Osborne, China, trade and HighSpeed2, when I remembered a Post which I wrote about David Cameron, China, trade, and Taiwan. I realised that, by swapping Osborne’s name for Cameron, I might not need to write another story, as it applies in just about all criteria, excepting HighSpeed2.

However, when has coincidence stopped a writer from venting his spleen against stupid and silly plans and politicians?

I noted that George Osborne is planning to invite Communist Chinese companies with High Speed Rail expertise to tender for works on the infrastructure side of HS2. I wonder what special expertise the Communist Chinese might have in boring tunnels, building bridges and knocking things down which we, in Great Britain, don’t possess already? I reckon they just might have a better chance of timely completion in certain technical areas than we do here in England, but maybe that was just a hiccup!