Rev. W. Awdry loses Tender bid for HS2 works.

I was composing a piece about George Osborne, China, trade and HighSpeed2, when I remembered a Post which I wrote about David Cameron, China, trade, and Taiwan. I realised that, by swapping Osborne’s name for Cameron, I might not need to write another story, as it applies in just about all criteria, excepting HighSpeed2.

However, when has coincidence stopped a writer from venting his spleen against stupid and silly plans and politicians?

I noted that George Osborne is planning to invite Communist Chinese companies with High Speed Rail expertise to tender for works on the infrastructure side of HS2. I wonder what special expertise the Communist Chinese might have in boring tunnels, building bridges and knocking things down which we, in Great Britain, don’t possess already? I reckon they just might have a better chance of timely completion in certain technical areas than we do here in England, but maybe that was just a hiccup!

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