A digital equivalent to Van Gogh

I admire creativity above many things. Especially creativity in the things which make me smile, for therein lies the ideal of the mind behind the advertisement. Who does not remember the small girl with those amazing eyes who features in that advert for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital? Or that superb advert for a Ford car with the small boy kicking the rear fender, and watching the door lift up to to reveal a big stuffed bear,and the amazing smile on the small boy’s face!!

When my kids were very small, I came home from work to find that, unknown to my wife who was napping, my two small sons had opened a large tin of liquid adhesive, and succeeded in slowly pouring it all over my second son’s head and body. I spent the next half-hour peeling large strips of fast-drying plasticky adhesive off my small son’s head, shoulders and chest, alternating with my loud laughter and cuddles.

I present an advert for a building society which seemed to me to be the pinnacle of creativity, of a photograph which literally was taken at just the optimum moment, in that which father or grandfather does not immediately take his mind’s eye back to a time when all was truly innocent, and fun, and no-one could do anything but smile, and cuddle that child to your very heart; in the knowledge that those times would be over too, too soon!


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