Choccies; but not Booze!

So you are a Quaker, living life according to the strictures of your beliefs in the late 19th Century. You are also a member of a very successful Cadbury family which has made, marketed and perfected cocoa and chocolate products. To keep and allow for the welfare of your workforce, you build an entire village to house them; you allow for green spaces, shops, places of religion; but the one thing not allowed in your idea of the perfect work/life balance is alcohol.

So Bournville village has remained almost cast in aspic for the past 120-odd years; with every attempt at breaking the booze embargo defeated at the first step.

But times are hard in Bournville, as the Cadbury workforce has been whittled down after the Kraft take-over (that one where they piously stated there would be absolutely no redundancies, before firing half the staff in the next year), and the owner of the local shop has decided that one way to boost his flagging profits would be to commence selling the odd gallon of Stella, or the odd case of vodka to bereft and booze-starved locals, not many of which are actually Quakers themselves.

Now far be it from me to even comment upon another’s motives, or even beliefs; but his name is Kamal Sharma, his name and picture make me believe he is a Muslim, (basing this statement upon the ‘duck’ preposition; in that if it walks like a duck….etc) and didn’t we read something just t’other day about Muslims not being able to even touch a can of booze, never mind sell it?