forty-five seconds of silence

I do not, often, praise or salute politicians; foreign or domestic for what they say. Usually, they say one thing, then do something completely different. In my lifetime I can count on the fingers of one hand the total number of political leaders and who have stuck to their political principles throughout their lives. I mention this number for the simple reason that those who are thus saluted  are so few. Margaret Thatcher; naturally. The name of Enoch Powell springs to my mind; a decent, honourable man whose political life was destroyed and denigrated because he spoke the plain, unvarnished truth. I do regret that I have to name the Labour Leader as one such individual, as Jeremy Corbyn ticks all the boxes. But I have to state that I do not praise or write about that strange, convoluted and unpackaged man, as many others more qualified than I are building their own opinions of the life-long Marxist; now Labour Leader: a Leader who has elevated to be his Shadow Chancellor a man who has stated that the likes of the terrorist Bobby Sands’ miserable life and death should be marked and acclaimed in Great Britain.

Instead, I write about a principled man, whose country, whose religion, whose very existence which, severally, individually and collectively, has been ignored, vilified, reviled, condemned and persecuted almost unto extinction. I refer to the Jews of Israel, and of their present political leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. You will, no doubt, have either read, watched or been made aware of the many political leaders who, in the past week, have pranced, strode or crawled up to the United Nations Assembly podium, to push ever more fanciful scare stories about the oncoming terror of Climate Change, or of how killing large numbers of one group of fanatics in Syria is a good thing, whilst the next speaker wishes to kill another group of madmen, both groups being opposed to the very existence of Syria’s Assad. The same United Nations which proved beyond all doubt that satire is dead by its election of Saudi Arabia to head the UN Human Rights council panel. Some, but not many newspapers or tv channels carried the words of Benjamin Netanyahu to their viewers or readers, not too many commentators even mentioned them, because that silence, that total lack of comment or even condemnation, speaks more volumes than the silence which was heard throughout the once-venerable pillars and walls of the United Nations during the Israeli’s speech.

Some might comment that you cannot hear a silence, but, folks, watch that YouTube clip, and you can hear, in those forty-five seconds where no-one spoke, no-one heckled, no-one seemed to wish to meet the accusatory stares of that single Jewish statesman and politician, except the grinning young woman who sat adjacent to the Afghanistan place-name on the Assembly floor; or hear, in that strange silence; the echoes of the screams or moans of those 6,000,000 Jews who perished in the multiple Camp gas chambers and the bullet-strewn pits such as Babi Yar, along with the roar of the Hamas rockets pounding the desert sands as they inch ever closer to Israel’s towns and cities.

The Israeli Prime Minister was talking about the ‘Deal of the Century’, where billions of sanction-held dollars will be released to a bunch of Iranian religious terror-supporting and -generating fundamentalists, because a Treaty was signed whereby Iran promises to be ‘a good guy’, and promises not to make any more fissionable uranium, and promises to make available for inspection which the UN atomic guys wish to see; (but none of this instant access routines, but access only after about a month’s delay) and please, pretty please; can we have our money now please?

Benjamin has a problem. Should he ask the Saudi’s for their help in refuelling the Israeli F-16 fighter-bombers as they make the 4,000 mile-long  return trek from Israel to Bushehr, Qom, Tehran and the other nuclear production and assembly sites, together with the supposedly nuclear-proofed uranium centrifuge sites buried in the mountains? Should he use two thirds of all Israel’s nuclear weaponry in a first strike? Or should he wait until the peace-loving Iranians are ready to throw their own home-made nukes at an Israel which has been left semi-defenceless by a Muslim-loving US President?