where angels fear to tread

So she is a volunteer in an Ebola clinic in Sierra Leone. She is, by definition, a ‘do-gooder’. She feels ‘fulfilled’ by working in amongst the deadliest disease known to mankind. Then, by not obeying the rules, and by wearing a visor instead of a full set of goggles, presumably either for cosmetic or ‘feel-good’ motives; she receives a spray from the body fluids of an Ebola patient in her face, nose or eyes. Three days later, despite feeling ‘unwell’, she flew with thirty others to Heathrow via Casablanca, and onwards to Glasgow on an ordinary commercial flight. No quarantine precautions were either in place or contemplated for any Ebola team members!

So, this foolish woman, who knew that she was ill, goes out to restaurants, shops and life in general, before finally admitting she is ill, and is admitted to hospital; from whence she is flown down to a specialist hospital in London. She is gravely, life-threateningly ill, but, more through good luck than medical knowledge, recovers. But instead of living quietly, and rejoicing in her own good fortune, she visits a primary school, and shows kids how to try on an ebola suit, presumably to spread the word about how brave and ‘committed’ she is, or was, or could be. She also visits London to be given a ‘Pride of Britain’ award. Now I ask you; what the devil is anyone doing stating that she is brave, or proud, or anything else than a self-serving, self-promoting chancer? The people who should have been awarded the bloody Pride prize are the unsung people who nursed this stupid woman back to life in the first place!

And now she is back where she was before, in an Isolation Ward at the Royal Free, because a few strands of Ebola seems to have escaped the disinfection process, and she is liable to die, after all, despite being ‘brave’ and ‘committed’ and all the other feel-good phrases. Add to this the medical view of Dr Neuman who stated the chances of it being passed on to others were slim, but added: It has never happened, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Eventually, ideally, you would want to see anybody coming into contact with an ebola survivor, like pupils at Mossneuk School, being vaccinated for ebola. It is not the kind of virus you mess around with.’

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