George Formby he was not!

Our British Police Services Forces are, despite ferocious attempts to neuter them, still a fairly representative force for good. I accept that a great deal of politically correct damage has been, and is being, done to our Police, but there are still instances which mean that the basics and ethos of their service remains undimmed and unchanged. The pages of the Police Bravery Award are but a small sample of the actions of a Police Force where courage is demonstrated on a daily basis. I have not always been kind to our Police, but that acid has been pointed directly at the senior hierarchy, but very few times, and only justifiably so, at the lower ranks themselves.

So, I wish to salute a Police force whose members comport themselves with valour, a Sergeant who instinctively knows when a scrote should be chased and stopped, and a special mention for PC Daniel Ruffle, who actually ran the little clown over as he lay in the road, the thief having fallen out of the overturned Fiesta because he obviously was not wearing his seat belt. The special mention should, in my own view, be made for ensuring that the DNA of this  alleged ‘cheeky chappie’ did not further pollute the British genetic pool.