3-score-&-ten; or 350?

I am now well past the old biblical longevity target of 3-score-years-and-ten, but hopefully remarking that most of my faculties are intact, if not all firing at 100%, such as my hearing. I state this because many striplings of forty or fifty years old consider a mop of silver hair to be one of the final signs of decay. My memory is sometimes faulty, but I get by. As you will possibly note from my writing, my critical faculties are still acute, and I am determined to keep speaking out for, hopefully, a long time yet.

So, accepting all that I have written today as credible, is it any way surprising that, after being asked, I state that I will not sign a petition asking the Saudi authorities for clemency on behalf of Karl Andree, a 74-year-old British subject who has lived in Saudi for over twenty-four years?

As an Englishman, and a British subject of Her Majesty, I obey the Law; all of the Law, not just the ones of which I approve. I do not drive laden with heavy booze, nor do I break the speed limit when driving; mainly because I would possibly lose my licence, and that, to me, would be a disaster. Similarly with a host of other Laws, Acts and myriad Regulations. Maybe I do not like them, possibly I am annoyed with my compliance with those Laws, but, because they are the Laws of my Country, I hold and obey them. I detest, beyond all measure, the abhorrent Same-Sex Marriage Act, and will always argue against it, but I have, unwillingly, to accept that a simpering clutch of homosexuals have been given civil approval for their ‘marriages’; because; unfortunately, that is now the Law!

So, when that 74 year-old Englishman is found to have broken Saudi’s strict laws against alcohol, he, along with the rest of us, must accept that he must face not only the already-completed years imprisonment, he must also face the possibility of the 350 lashes which accompanied the original sentence. Because that is the Law in Saudi Arabia!

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