….truly is within the eye of the beholder!

I have written many times of my love of classical music, of opera, and of ballet. The impact of the music upon my senses cannot be totally described, as it also might be impossible to place in words the first view of a majestic mountain, a thunderous waterfall, a baby’s smile. Most of my readers will probably feel the same, as our thoughts do not run as those of a poet, or a gifted artist: but I always try. But occasionally I see a scene, or a landscape or indeed a video, which really warrants the descriptive talents of a Shakespeare in order to fully describe the impact upon the viewer. As some may already have noticed, I was trained in Engineering, I have spent my entire life either building, commissioning, fixing or maintaining machinery, so it could quite properly asked ‘what has beauty to do with building things?
Well, how about this as a demonstration of the whole process? If you can, go wide-screen to fully capture this amazing process, where industrial might, and disciplined endeavour, becomes as one in the assembly of this monster of the deep.

Once viewed, a few questions may well commence nagging at the base of your mind. Questions such as:-

  • How come we, the very inventors of many of the processes seen in this vast yard in South Korea, no longer have the capacity, the investment, the dedication and the will-power to do exactly the same as this shipyard possesses in abundance?
  • How is it that we, once the virtual rulers of the industrial waves, are forced to view such evidence of our own industrial decline from the Asian Tigers who have slipped into the true title of ‘Engineers to the World’?
  • Why do we obey the rules, when every other bugger within the European Union seemingly gets away with financial murder?
  • Was it only the impact of the Communist-dominated Trade Unions which wrecked our shipbuilding industry, or did the poisoned chalice of political choice have the bigger element of treachery in the decline and fall of a once massive industry?