Warmer, or Cooler?

The favourite subject of died-in-the-wool liberal thought, of socialists who know that they alone are right, of politicians who are really capable of spending, or usually taking and spending, taxpayers cash; is of course the wonderful world which is known as Climate Change, or Global Warming, (although that phrase is going out of favour as they cannot state how there hasn’t been any real ‘Warming’ for almost two decades). The old adage, known to all scientists and researchers, which is ‘Follow the Money’ is the rule in all areas of the ‘Climate’ scam, and if anyone doesn’t follow the unwritten rule of ‘don’t rock the ‘Warming’ boat’ they are automatically excluded from the big cash which floats around, courtesy of the unwilling and, usually, unknowing, taxpayers who are funding the thousands of research, position and explanatory papers. Take the example of Bjorn Lomborg. Here is a man, an extremely well-qualified scientist, who agrees with the IPCC on just about all its findings, but disagrees with the social and economic outcomes of that Committee’s statements. The result, he is blasted from here to kingdom come, the agreed Lomborg Consensus Centre is barred from its rightful University place by ‘indignant students’, and the Australian Government agrees with the ‘students’. Note that, a single voice which dares to diverge from the planned pattern, and he is silenced from even access to a platform at a University.

So what, I wonder, will the massed ‘Carbon Climate’ choirs do now that a respected FRENCH Mathematical Society has published a damning critique of the methodologies used by all the IPCC Warming adherents when they produce their myriad research papers, on the terrible effects of Carbon Dioxide, a gas which is essential to life as we know it, upon the World and the people who live in it? The magic word, readers will appreciate, in that last sentence, is the word ‘FRENCH’. From the cradle of all who worship before the altars of ‘Carbon’ and ‘Warming’; comes a clear voice which is stating, calmly and carefully, to the IPCC and the World; ‘Friends, you have been had for a bunch of Suckers!’; with its heading statement: The battle against global warming: an absurd, costly and pointless crusade.