Syrian Targets obscured: R.T.B.

Letter to my M.P.

Dear Roberta Blackman-Woods,

I write as the time; when the Prime Minister will be pushing for a decision from Parliament which allows him to authorise bombing attacks on ISIL bases and locations in Syria draws near. As you may recall, I  wrote to you in September last year on this very subject, as a Commons debate and vote was scheduled, but Cameron chickened-out because the SNP stated ‘en-bloc’, that they would vote against any such proposal, and as your then Leader was ambivalent, the votes suddenly were not there, so the vote was withdrawn.

We are now ever closer to a debate and vote on the subject of Syria, and Islamic State; and as a voter, as an Englishman, and as a firm supporter of the premise of ‘minding our own business’, I would urge you, once again, to vote against this insanity, and also to spread the word amongst your colleagues to vote against the authorisation of ISIL bombing. To vote against any warlike activity, for the very simple reason that once the bombs commence dropping, our Air Marshals, along with the senior Generals who together did such a stirling job of losing in Iraq and Afghanistan; will be pushing to enlarge the conflict to include invasion by British Army soldiers. They will be urging this because air activity, no matter how intense, must be followed by ‘Boots on the Ground’, and this would be a fatal mistake.

I am not often in accord with your Leader, but, on this particular subject, and in this particular example, he is correct. We should not involve ourselves in a Religious War, as the factions, which comprise Sunni, Shia, Alawite, along with all the rest of the Islamic garbage have trailed along for over ten-odd centuries, together with the feuds, fights and wars resulting from the Muslim faith. We have no dog in this fight, and we should say one thing, and one thing only; ‘If they cannot fight for their own lands, and their armies run away, perhaps their cause is not so just after all!’

Cameron still wants to unseat Assad, and remember that once the bombs fall, the orders can and will be altered to include Assad. Just check how well that idea worked in Libya!

Yours sincerely,

Mike Cunningham

So he did matter, but just to his mother!

I searched for a mention of nine-year old Chicago resident Tayshawn Lee’s murder on a couple of browsers, found one local American newspaper, along with one broadcaster: alongside a great number of commentary and blog sites: all of whom were specifically asking the same questions as I.

Where was the fury over this pointless death of small black boy? Where were the editorials demanding action; any action? Why did we not hear the White House commentariat loudly condemning the execution-style murder of this little BLACK boy? It is rather strange not to hear the strident tones of Al Sharpton, or the slimier syllables of Jesse Jackson condemning the shooting of this little boy! Not a whisper from Black Lives Matter; probably because, well, he was just a nine-year old kid, and he didn’t really count, because his killer was known to the locals, and they were all shit-scared of being accused of being a ‘grass’!

Could it simply be that the silence, the aversion to highlight this, one of the 418 killings this year in Chicago so far; is because the murderer is probably a Black gangster who wished to punish the father of Tayshawn Lee over a drug dispute, and not a POLICEMAN; Black or White?

America: where all the news that fits is printed, and the rest just gets swept under the large and ever-available rug of history.

Austerity? Do we really need it (or them)?

We are told of the real worries of the Police Forces (Not f’’@ing Services, you might note) of the United Kingdom regarding the proposed cuts to funding as discussed with the Treasury. We are warned of the perils of slicing the package too close to the bone. We are warned that ‘Terrorism’ may prevail if too many officers are cut from staff.

All that may be true, but given that, in the Metropolitan force alone, there are the following staff:-

Director of Information 

Director of Resources

Director of Human Resources

Director of Public Affairs

Director of Legal Services

Strategic HR Director

Director of HR Operations

Director of Leadership Development

Director of Logistical Services

Director of Catering Services

Director of Transport Services

Business Partnerships Director

Business Services Director

Strategic HR Director (2)

Strategic HR Director (3)

Programme & Information Manager

Director of Property Services

Director of Finance Services

Director of Strategy & Improvement Department

Director of Procurement Services

Director of Asset Management

Director of Construction

Director of Facilities Management

Director of Resilience & Compliance Group

Director of Commercial Operations

Director of Exchequer Services

Director of Business Development, Core Finance & Special Projects

Director of Business Support

Director of Business Strategy

Director of Business Performance

Director of Category Management

Director of Supply Chain Management

Head of Service Delivery

Head of Security, Standards & Architecture

Head of Business Systems & Integration

Head of Business Services & IT Training

Deputy Director of Information

Head of Technology

Deputy Director of Public Affairs

Assistant Director (Olympics)

Assistant Director (Head of Internal Communication)

Assistant Director (Chief Press Officer)

Director of Business Development

Director of Diversity and Citizen Focus

Director of Business Support

Director of Forensics

Head of Business Services (Human Resources)

Head of Business Services(Finance and Resources)

Director of Business Services
Don’t forget that each of these Directors and Department heads will have their own little desk empire to defend against budget attacks, on the basis, known worldwide of ‘More is Better’ ; but it must be asked, how many of these desk-bound clowns soak up the cash which should go to front-line policing?

1.2 %

That statistic, that insignificant percentage, is one which will become very, very important in all our lives this winter.

Consider our island nation and its needs. We depend upon just one thing, one commodity, to survive, to live, to keep warm, to run our industries, to power the millions of computers which chart our lives, to cook our foods, to clean and distribute the very water without which we could not survive: we need Electricity. True, gas, oil, petrol, diesel, are all necessary for modern life, but without the ‘spark’ of electricity: nothing else will sustain our very civilisation. Without mains and Grid electricity, we couldn’t even charge the electric cars the ‘greenies’ are so fond of. Over the years, we have built a Grid, a distribution system which was second to none, and then the POLITICIANS began to bring it down. They believed THE GARBAGE which is the Carbon  Threat and Climate Change, they brought in the Climate Change Act, which brings billions in extra costs onto the backs of consumers with absolutely no effect on the real atmosphere at all, they signed up without demur to the ludicrous European Union dictats on so-called damaging emissions; and what, we must ask ourselves, has been the result?

Coal-fired power stations have been systematically starved of maintenance and money, and because they now cost a lot to refurbish, the shareholders don’t want to throw good money after bad, and they will be closing faster than the EU wishes. The Teeside Power Station, which my own daughter helped complete and commission less than twenty years ago was demolished a year ago by the French GDF Suez people on the grounds it could not compete. BOLLOCKS! I knew that station, it was bright and shiny and super efficient, but because it had been sold to a bunch of foreigners, they decided that a perfectly good station should be demolished! Due to the scheming and duplicitous behaviour of British politicians of all hues, we have not commenced the necessary build of ordinary thermal power stations, burning either gas or oil, never mind nuclear ones, instead going for the GREEN Garbage of so-called renewables, which: if wind turbine, can only generate when the wind is blowing, but not too strongly, otherwise they cut out or, if solar, only generate during daylight hours, or hydro; of which there are very few large plants anywhere, as we don’t have a huge supply of mountains and valleys with rivers running down which to dam for power.

So, with a huge subsidy firmly in sight and on target, the so-called Green suppliers, the wind-farmers with their huge whining wind turbines, are fitting hundreds of small (2 MW Megawatt) diesel-powered generators, as Short Term Operating Reserve, and the National Grid is able to use these mini-power stations easily as they are able to switch on, commence running and contribute to the Grid reserve in minutes if required. I know how these things work, I have commissioned and run dozens of diesel generators over the years, they are tricky to build, but once commissioned and maintained correctly, will give good service for years. But the truly ludicrous thing about these STOR stations is that they completely go against the whole ethos of the allegedly ‘Renewables’ idea, in that the STOR generators burn lots of diesel, which produces lots of Carbon Dioxide, which is allegedly so very bad for the planet, but so very, very good for the shareholders of the huge companies installing them, because of the huge £400 millions subsidy FROM THE TAXPAYER to have these mini stations available, JUST IN CASE!

But back, as we should go, to that 1.2% of actual spinning reserve. This is the smallest amount ever reported by the National Grid to be able to overcome extra demands, such as that made by a long cold winter. I and my wife are both pensioners, and as we like our home warmed; we know it is expensive, but that is what this Tory Government, along with the Labour bunch of thieving clowns have lumbered the taxpayer with, due to the Climate Change bills, the huge subsidies paid for wind turbines which do not generate any power, the solar panels which switch off as the sun goes down, and all the other ‘renewables’ rubbish which clogs the landscape. We do not have any reserves to speak of, and when the lights and heaters commence ‘black-out’, we all know who exactly to blame!

p.s. I write the Posts the way I wish, I will colour the texts any way I wish, inclusive of Sky-blue Pink; and if the reader does not like it, he needn’t bother reading it!

An Apple a day……

I watch a fair bit of television, both fiction and documentaries; some good, some rubbish: but for the first time ever, I heard a character expound a very singular truth. The man was railing at the state of the world, with celebrities who just did not deserve their standing. He said, “Everybody looked up to Steve Jobs, and his miracle company Apple, but just think about this small but significant fact; Jobs and Apple made, and make, superbly designed computers, phones and tablets, but they were, and are, assembled under sweated labour conditions by Chinese kids, who worked under what amounted to slave labour conditions. The vast amounts of cash generated by these sales are funnelled through devious tax avoidance schemes to places like the Cayman Islands which places all that cash firmly outside the American tax man.  Great role model was our Steve, what with buying his way to the front of the queue to grab himself a liver transplant for a reported fee of ten million dollars. Pity the transplant was wasted upon a waster!

But will we see Nigel in Westminster?

I watched the full ‘Leave’ video as posted on the Guido Fawkes website, and my daughter commented, rather shrewdly, that he is a good politician, and a great speaker, but he just doesn’t have the backing, as a Party, to make a difference. The ‘Leave or Remain’ Referendum is a case in point; UKIP as a part of a ‘Leave’ Coalition, has a place; but as a wider Party within the United Kingdom?

I would love to see a change in voting patterns, but the British voter has too many entrenched ideals and attitudes to swerve away from their inbuilt prejudices; prejudices which have been built over generations, to allow a Fourth Party, and one which is perceived, wrongly in my own considered viewpoint, as of the dreaded ‘Far-Right’ persuasion into the bargain; to emerge as anything more than a minor irritant upon the face of British politics.

There is too much cash from big business, on the side of the Tories, and there is too much cash from the big Unions, supporting even Corbyn’s Labour Party stragglers, to even allow UKIP to gain anything past a minor foothold in the body politic which is Westminster. I would love to see change, but I see it as possible only within the lifetime of my grandchildren.