And are you entitled to buy this knife?

The location:- A local DIY super-store, well stocked with just about everything needed for the handyman around the house.

The time:-…..The present day.

The participants:-…..Myself, the would-be shopper: and a young female shop assistant.

The occasion: the scanning of a Stanley knife, which comes complete with three extra blades.

As the knife pack was scanned, an alarm sounded, the warning red light commenced flashing, and a notice leaps up on to the screen, saying, ‘Please wait for a Store Colleague to verify status!’

Enter the tall young shop assistant shop assistant, who was now identified as ‘The Colleague’.

She sees the knife pack, still in my hands, and asks, with a completely straight face, “Can you confirm that you are over the age of 21?”

Big Daddy

My reply; which caused another elderly gent to curl up in smothered hysterics; “Just!”

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