And why are you ‘shocked’?

So what did you bloody expect? You allowed huge numbers of Muslims, adherents of a violent religion, believers in the power of their f@@cking bastardised religion, to flock to Western countries, without any attempt to bring them to Western values.

You give them freedom to challenge our Law, to subvert and to pervert the values which have sustained our civilisations, you allow the preachers of hate to prosper, to send their filthy ideals into the minds of more receptive muslims, you challenge anyone who states the clear truth, that the Muslim invasion is nothing more than the first tendrils of the onslaught which has been viewed in the bloody chaos of Paris yesterday evening.

You bring the killers in, you allow the festering hordes to plot, to arm and to plan; they do exactly what they promise, and then; you express ‘Shock and Horror’ as the injured lie bleeding, the sirens caterwaul, and the dead lie slumped amongst the carnage, the blood, and the empty AK47 cartridges as they lie scattered as they fell from the automatic rifles, wielded by the fanatics who were welcomed in by the POLITICIANS who are now strangely silent.

Shock? Those who facilitated this invasion of Fifth Columnists should be stood alongside the killers who deserve not to live any more!

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