But will we see Nigel in Westminster?

I watched the full ‘Leave’ video as posted on the Guido Fawkes website, and my daughter commented, rather shrewdly, that he is a good politician, and a great speaker, but he just doesn’t have the backing, as a Party, to make a difference. The ‘Leave or Remain’ Referendum is a case in point; UKIP as a part of a ‘Leave’ Coalition, has a place; but as a wider Party within the United Kingdom?

I would love to see a change in voting patterns, but the British voter has too many entrenched ideals and attitudes to swerve away from their inbuilt prejudices; prejudices which have been built over generations, to allow a Fourth Party, and one which is perceived, wrongly in my own considered viewpoint, as of the dreaded ‘Far-Right’ persuasion into the bargain; to emerge as anything more than a minor irritant upon the face of British politics.

There is too much cash from big business, on the side of the Tories, and there is too much cash from the big Unions, supporting even Corbyn’s Labour Party stragglers, to even allow UKIP to gain anything past a minor foothold in the body politic which is Westminster. I would love to see change, but I see it as possible only within the lifetime of my grandchildren.

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