An Apple a day……

I watch a fair bit of television, both fiction and documentaries; some good, some rubbish: but for the first time ever, I heard a character expound a very singular truth. The man was railing at the state of the world, with celebrities who just did not deserve their standing. He said, “Everybody looked up to Steve Jobs, and his miracle company Apple, but just think about this small but significant fact; Jobs and Apple made, and make, superbly designed computers, phones and tablets, but they were, and are, assembled under sweated labour conditions by Chinese kids, who worked under what amounted to slave labour conditions. The vast amounts of cash generated by these sales are funnelled through devious tax avoidance schemes to places like the Cayman Islands which places all that cash firmly outside the American tax man.  Great role model was our Steve, what with buying his way to the front of the queue to grab himself a liver transplant for a reported fee of ten million dollars. Pity the transplant was wasted upon a waster!

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