Syrian Targets obscured: R.T.B.

Letter to my M.P.

Dear Roberta Blackman-Woods,

I write as the time; when the Prime Minister will be pushing for a decision from Parliament which allows him to authorise bombing attacks on ISIL bases and locations in Syria draws near. As you may recall, I  wrote to you in September last year on this very subject, as a Commons debate and vote was scheduled, but Cameron chickened-out because the SNP stated ‘en-bloc’, that they would vote against any such proposal, and as your then Leader was ambivalent, the votes suddenly were not there, so the vote was withdrawn.

We are now ever closer to a debate and vote on the subject of Syria, and Islamic State; and as a voter, as an Englishman, and as a firm supporter of the premise of ‘minding our own business’, I would urge you, once again, to vote against this insanity, and also to spread the word amongst your colleagues to vote against the authorisation of ISIL bombing. To vote against any warlike activity, for the very simple reason that once the bombs commence dropping, our Air Marshals, along with the senior Generals who together did such a stirling job of losing in Iraq and Afghanistan; will be pushing to enlarge the conflict to include invasion by British Army soldiers. They will be urging this because air activity, no matter how intense, must be followed by ‘Boots on the Ground’, and this would be a fatal mistake.

I am not often in accord with your Leader, but, on this particular subject, and in this particular example, he is correct. We should not involve ourselves in a Religious War, as the factions, which comprise Sunni, Shia, Alawite, along with all the rest of the Islamic garbage have trailed along for over ten-odd centuries, together with the feuds, fights and wars resulting from the Muslim faith. We have no dog in this fight, and we should say one thing, and one thing only; ‘If they cannot fight for their own lands, and their armies run away, perhaps their cause is not so just after all!’

Cameron still wants to unseat Assad, and remember that once the bombs fall, the orders can and will be altered to include Assad. Just check how well that idea worked in Libya!

Yours sincerely,

Mike Cunningham

One thought on “Syrian Targets obscured: R.T.B.

  1. Did you see the opening of those tunnels, rendering bombing fairly ineffective? Another reason not to go in. The only thing we should be doing is taking care of our own backyard.

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