Unfortunately, he is an fffff-ing Muslim: Bruv!

Muhammad, the so-called prophet of Islam stated:

“I have been sent with a sword to fight people until they say there is no God but Allah.”

How many mainstream newspapers publish or print anything remotely critical of Muslims, especially drawings, cartoons or of the Muslim propensity towards extreme violence?

Generally astute readers will no doubt have noticed that it is always ‘Islamic Extremists’ who are doing the slicing and dicing; never the ‘peace-loving and integrated Muslim’ who just take a machete and attempt murder in a suburban Underground Station.

Remembering, as we should, the Fort Hood jihadi murders by Nidal Hassan; labelled ‘Workplace violence’ by Barack Hussein Obama. Remembering the San Bernadino killings by an ordinary suburban couple, where they massacred 13 and injured 29 more. The attack, carefully planned and not ‘spontaneous’ was to be followed by more murders by means of the 13 pipe bombs and the 4,500 rounds of ammunition for their semi-automatic rifles. Fortunately, he is now with his 72 virgins’; his wife, well; I dunno what she was looking forward to, but can probably make an educated guess (batteries not included).

As I have maybe written before, the Fifth Column is now firmly amongst us; and it is just a matter of time before we reap the whirlwind of our politicians’ stupidity, cupidity and greed!

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