and the music is great as well!

I use T’Internet for many reasons; for interest, for knowledge, for research, for entertainment; as well as an aid to my writing. I have come across, as we all probably have, the weird, the downright disgusting, the propagandist, the plain factual news sites (truly very rare indeed)

But, very occasionally, I find someone posts or pictures an item which is almost luminous in its purity, its elegance, its pure artistry, an artistry which stems from a craftsman who knows both physics as well as poetry, who understands gravity as well as symmetry, who utilises momentum as an engine. There are probably many, many more examples; but I find this truly fascinating; and would place it on a par with a ship berthing in a home port after a rough voyage.


One thought on “and the music is great as well!

  1. Amazing! In the UK, in Devon there is a small town called Bovey Tracy which has a toy shop with a thing like this on the wall. It is fascinating to watch but nowhere near as spectacular as this one.

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