Fury diminished!

Firstly, I would confirm that I would rather schedule open-heart surgery without anaesthetic upon myself than have watched the BBC Sports Personality Farce / Clownfest / Contest (delete applicable).

I originally wrote:- I find that I have more than a sneaking regard for just one of those nominated, namely Tyson Fury; as he has demonstrated that he has more than enough guts and determination to not only batter several other men insensible in his pursuit of his Championship goals; but also to continue in the paths and beliefs which have nurtured him from an early age. He is gloriously politically-incorrect, and revels in the uproar from all those who are ‘OFFENDED’, by his statements regarding homosexuals, paeadophiles, etc., all spoken with the greatest goodwill and meaning.

But then he went and spoiled everything by apologising for any ‘OFFENCE’ taken by his earlier words. How truly, truly depressing!

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