…and the bile and ‘spin’ rolls ever onwards.

Christmas. the Season of Goodwill towards all our relative, friends, acquaintances, and hopefully a lessening of tension towards those who wish to do us harm. Unfortunately, no-one told the BBC, so the lies, the garbage, the spin and the disdain rolls ever onwards.

The second of the guest editors on the BBC Today Programme lived down to every expectation believed possible. The editor today was Michael Sheen the actor and, unfortunately, the activist. He is a very good actor; unfortunately, his ‘Lefty’ viewpoints covered every syllable broadcast as he wished. Billed to the audience as an ambassador for UNICEF, we were bombarded with every possible combination of his prejudice and bile. The syrian refugees were fine targets for his treacly sympathy, with the usual small children’s suffering held up as an example of how We should do so much more. We visited Port Talbot, as Sheen is Welsh, and we then heard of how awful the austerity cuts were, and how the rugby club had donated the Xmas lights after the council pulled out. We heard how ‘Climate Change’ was definitely responsible for all the floods in Lancashire. Yorkshire and Cumbria, and once again we were TOLD that we had to give ever more to other countries, because we, as dirty, filthy capitalist running dogs; had caused all this change in the first place, and the ‘Refugees’ deserved our cash, and the Cumbrians; obviously, did not!

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