The Vultures hover ever closer

We heard, via the Beeb’s Today Programme, that the NHS Blood and Transplant bunch, to be known henceforth as ‘the Vultures’, are unhappy that some five hundred odd families have denied the NHS permission to scavenge and pillage the mortal remains of loved ones who were on the verge of death. These unfortunate people have signified their wishes to donate their organs for medical science, transplants, whatever; but the families have dared to override their signed consent, possibly because, like me, they do not believe in the removal of human organs, tissue, so that they may be used in transplant operations by others. As I have written before, the truth is that all organ removals are from living bodies. Those bodies, under the term ‘brain dead’, are kept alive with expensive machinery so that the Vultures can swoop in, slice and dice at their leisure; and in the process ‘save lives’.

NHSBT says it will no longer seek a family’s formal consent, in order to reduce the number of “overrides.”

The NHS B & T teams are therefore arranging for specialist nursing staff to berate family members who have had the temerity to say ‘NO’ to the Vultures queuing to begin feeding on the carcass of the family member who is ‘brain dead’, and furthermore make them sign a ‘Special Form’ which will signify that the bereaved families are unfeeling, uncaring, and devoid of all that is human: by the very fact that they are denying the truth; which is that, in the eyes of the Almighty NHS, the State owns those bodies, and it can do with them whatever it likes!

Josef Stalin would be really proud of the manner in which the NHS, and of course our own totally benevolent and caring Government; is bringing the truth to this once-proud and independent Nation of ours: the truth which states that The State is the owner of your body, and it can bury, burn or slice as it wishes, and there will be f@$k all you can do or say about it!, as is presently the case in Wales!

So simply state NO, I REFUSE TO DONATE, and let the fuckers whine on to their hearts’ content!