Just a car? Have you gone mad?

Until this morning, I had believed that these tired old eyes of mine had seen it all; from the truly silly, through the bombastic, to the downright insane: but, T’Internet, like the Universe, is always ready to dumbfound the observer.

Item, you drive out in your car, to go shopping, for entertainment, for relaxation, for a family event or celebration: whatever! You leave the shop, or the bar, or indeed the house you have been visiting, and then you realise that you cannot REMEMBER WHERE YOUR CAR IS! You cannot recall where your  transport is, a vehicle which possibly cost thousands of pounds to buy! Are you insane?

All, however, is not lost, because you can buy one of these, and all will be soon perfect again!

I agree that the way men’s minds work is sometimes subtly different to that of women, but how great a gap has never been quantified. To that end, I reproduce a superb example of the way some guys’ minds work; see if you agree.


Recalling a moment from my elder brother’s personal history, he and his wife were travelling north on one of the main motorways. they stopped at the euphemistically-named ‘Service Areas’ for a rest, a cup of coffee and fuel. My brother got out, but my sister-in-law remained in the car. He wandered into the main cafe complex, used the toilets, walked on the bridge, bought a couple of cups of take-away coffee, and started to return to his car, but could not spot it. His car, and more importantly his wife, had disappeared. He dashed back into the complex, called the police, and stated his belief that his wife had been kidnapped. The police swung into action, and within a very short period of time, a squad car appeared, coppers alerted and ready. They began to question him, but appeared puzzled when he stated that he and his wife had been driving north before his car, and wife, had disappeared. They stated that all were standing on the Southbound services: and it was then he realised that he had crossed the bridge, and was standing in the car-park on t’other side of the motorway.

The fuzz took it well, and laughed, a lot, but his wife didn’t smile at all!

H’/tip to Nick Lowe