Leave: Depart: Quit!

As along with a solid number of others, bloggers, writers; people who actually think: I have studied the entrails, read the statements, figured out what exactly is on offer in the turgid depths of the Cameron/Tusk/EU cess-pit generated document, and have come, once more, to the inescapable conclusion that we, as a Nation, are better off ‘LEAVING’  than ‘REMAINING’.

The proof of my arguments is contained within the garbage printed and titled,‘The new Settlement for the United Kingdom (Link here). We all knew what Cameron was going to try and get through the Referendum with a lot of smoke, and a great many mirrors; but when there is absolutely nothing which can be stated as a ‘Guarantee’; nothing which is given as pursuant to a Treaty; I must in all honesty ask why all that time was spent waiting for this load of old garbage?

The only thing more worrying than Cameron squatting on his plump haunches calling out ‘Bring it on!’ is the row of snivelling cowards who masquerade as the Cabinet. There are at least five Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers who hate and detest the idea of the European Union; that is a numeric fact; but will one of them put their heads above the parapet and state ‘I do not agree’? They are all ***t-scared of losing their Cabinet jobs, their red-****ing boxes, their offices with important titles on the desks, the power which comes with that title. They fear Cameron, and his Eton-generated haughty anger. They will throw away the only chance there is of having a well-known name to lead the ‘Leave’ campaign, because they are just ***t-scared of being fired!

…and they all fall down!

If you embark on an Engineering career, whether certificated and University-qualified, or apprentice-trained and college-qualified; or even if your choice is to get your hands dirty as a technician, or junior or senior Engineer; the first thing you learn is that the single most important word in your vocabulary is, Maintenance!

I spent seven/eight years at sea, looking after the electrical systems on ships large and small, and the voice I recall the best was that of the Second Engineer whose mantra was, ‘You walk around the entire engine room for one purpose, and one purpose only; to detect the oddity, the anomaly.’ He explained, ‘If you walk around the main engine steam turbine casing, you simply run your hands over the casing as you walk by, if you pass a pump motor, a gear-box, you touch it, if you enter the boiler room area, you casually flick open the sight ports, and check that the flames are bright: then you know that you are absorbing information as to the healthy state of that turbine, or pump, or boiler. As well as your eyes and your hands, keep your ears trained to pick up the unusual, the click, the knock, the whine, the unusual clatter. If a casing is too hot, there might be a shaft bearing concealed within, and that bearing is short on lubrication, you have done your job, because you have detected something which may go wrong within a very short space of time’.

Now the reader must realise that sensor technology has taken a great deal of work out of the hands of technicians, and placed it within the purview of computers, which can check an undue rise in temperature, or pressure, a far sight faster than any human could detect, and flag an alarm, or sound a siren; to draw the attention of the technician engineer to that particular problem, whether on a main engine, or a pump; or wherever. But the unfortunate trend within ships, within automation wherever it serves, is that the human beings are and have been phased out, with computers allegedly doing their jobs; because human beings actually cost a lot of money. So the bean-counters have built ships which rely upon technology to do the jobs which technicians and engineers performed for decades, with a huge discount in the numbers of men who serve the giants held within the engine room spaces.

An Arleigh-Burke class US Navy destroyer carries a complement, men and women, numbering some 280. Some tend the guns, torpedoes and missiles, others work and maintain navigation duties and the vast electronics systems which are the very heart of modern-day weaponry and nav. systems; and many more tend the engine turbines and other gear which gives the destroyer its speed and manoeuvrability.


A Littoral Combat ship is, admittedly, a smaller ship than a destroyer, but it only carries a crew of fifty, as most of the maintenance work is supposed to be carried out on a shore-party-based system; meaning that this type of vessel does not carry anywhere near as many technician/engineers as similar US Navy ships. But, the question must be asked, if Arleigh-Burke destroyers have performed, mechanically; almost flawlessly for over twenty years, how come the USS Fort Worth tried to set sail with no lube oil in the precision-made gear boxes, and everything burned up?

A salute to a valiant Man

Professor Bob Carter is dead. Forget the imbecilic paeans of praise for Bowie, place to one side the nicer memories of Terry Wogan; we have lost a giant, who spoke common sense to his bitter critics, and we should remember him with honour, and with gratitude, for he was singularly unique in his education, in his principled stance against the ‘97%’ collective of imbeciles and fellow-travellers who sought to smear and besmirch his very name, all in their cause of ‘Climate Change’

He was a firm critic, and an extremely successful one, of all things pertaining to ‘Climate Change’, Global Warming’; and all the other lies associated with the farrago of bullshit designed to strip us of our industrial heritage, and send us back towards mediaeaval times in the vainglorious pursuit of depleting our output of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

He subsidised the High Court Case against the thin tissue of lies masquerading under the name ‘An Inconvenient truth’, otherwise known as Al Gore’s pitch for immortality and lots of cash, and forced the UK government to send 77 pages of ‘corrective guidance’ to every school in the UK.

He is, and will be, sadly missed

Link to WUWT for the final lines, for a piano clip entitled ‘Bob Carter’s Peal’ played by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley; as the file won’t import to WordPress.