A salute to a valiant Man

Professor Bob Carter is dead. Forget the imbecilic paeans of praise for Bowie, place to one side the nicer memories of Terry Wogan; we have lost a giant, who spoke common sense to his bitter critics, and we should remember him with honour, and with gratitude, for he was singularly unique in his education, in his principled stance against the ‘97%’ collective of imbeciles and fellow-travellers who sought to smear and besmirch his very name, all in their cause of ‘Climate Change’

He was a firm critic, and an extremely successful one, of all things pertaining to ‘Climate Change’, Global Warming’; and all the other lies associated with the farrago of bullshit designed to strip us of our industrial heritage, and send us back towards mediaeaval times in the vainglorious pursuit of depleting our output of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

He subsidised the High Court Case against the thin tissue of lies masquerading under the name ‘An Inconvenient truth’, otherwise known as Al Gore’s pitch for immortality and lots of cash, and forced the UK government to send 77 pages of ‘corrective guidance’ to every school in the UK.

He is, and will be, sadly missed

Link to WUWT for the final lines, for a piano clip entitled ‘Bob Carter’s Peal’ played by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley; as the file won’t import to WordPress.





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