Leave: Depart: Quit!

As along with a solid number of others, bloggers, writers; people who actually think: I have studied the entrails, read the statements, figured out what exactly is on offer in the turgid depths of the Cameron/Tusk/EU cess-pit generated document, and have come, once more, to the inescapable conclusion that we, as a Nation, are better off ‘LEAVING’  than ‘REMAINING’.

The proof of my arguments is contained within the garbage printed and titled,‘The new Settlement for the United Kingdom (Link here). We all knew what Cameron was going to try and get through the Referendum with a lot of smoke, and a great many mirrors; but when there is absolutely nothing which can be stated as a ‘Guarantee’; nothing which is given as pursuant to a Treaty; I must in all honesty ask why all that time was spent waiting for this load of old garbage?

The only thing more worrying than Cameron squatting on his plump haunches calling out ‘Bring it on!’ is the row of snivelling cowards who masquerade as the Cabinet. There are at least five Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers who hate and detest the idea of the European Union; that is a numeric fact; but will one of them put their heads above the parapet and state ‘I do not agree’? They are all ***t-scared of losing their Cabinet jobs, their red-****ing boxes, their offices with important titles on the desks, the power which comes with that title. They fear Cameron, and his Eton-generated haughty anger. They will throw away the only chance there is of having a well-known name to lead the ‘Leave’ campaign, because they are just ***t-scared of being fired!

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