The wages of sin is death.

I have often wondered about the true statistic of State-sanctioned murder in both the USA and the UK. Because what else could be termed State-sanctioned murder but Abortion?

Some might argue that a woman’s right to control her own body, and reproductive functions, is entirely her own. Others may argue differently, and the laws of both America and the UK side with the woman: but Laws can be modified, or otherwise ignored, as to the safety of the woman concerned. There used to be a requirement for two doctors to sign as to the need for an abortion in the UK, but a practice nurse can now sign by herself.


As a one-time religious participant, my thinking was to a certain extent coloured by that type of thinking; but now speaking and writing from a strictly factual viewpoint, I reckon that abortion should remain legal, but should be bound with far stricter rules and blocking procedures.

Just saying!

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