But aren’t your police wonderful?

As readers may have gathered from my writing, my tones and my acid disposition towards much if not most of our ‘modern-day society’, I am an elderly man: and I am impatient with much of modern life. Many people may call me intolerant; and they may well be right, but that is just the way I am. My country, the place which I call ‘home’, has altered so much that sometimes I do feel that I am that ‘stranger’ in foreign climes.

The focus for my ire and irritation this sunny, cloudless February day is our so-called Judicial system, the manner it which is has been altered to favour those who please the Lefty-Liberal-Socialistic-clowns who have pervaded this once green and pleasant land; and in particular the Police, how they operate, and in whose favour; despite their Oath of Allegiance.

But, after the intrusion of the Total Correct Political Crew, plus the EU Rules, alongside regulations with the European Courts, we now find that a murderous fanatic was helped to travel to Syria by three of his mates, who landed up in court: and the bloody police, and the CPS were more intent upon efforts to keep his name, and the fact that he was homosexual; out of the public domain.

But during the preliminary legal argument, a CPS note read: “It is not known what the reaction of ISIS would be if they became of aware of the social media chat that Mr Muthana has entered into with the defendants. It seems unlikely that Mr Muthana would have an opportunity to defend himself in accordance with the standards of this court.”

It said the CPS and police had a “duty” under the Human Rights Act to protect him and that “does not end because Mr Muthana has left the UK or is fighting on behalf of ISIS.” In a pre-trial briefing, the then assistant chief constable of South Wales Police Nikki Holland, who is now at Merseyside Police, said: “I don’t think it is a case of physically protecting him but he has protection of the law in human rights. He has a right to life. As a police force we protect everyone’s right to life – even a terrorist.”

So this murderous pillock can go and plan to kill ‘the Kuffar’, but his ISIS compatriots, members of an alliance which routinely denounces gay men; shouldn’t know that he is bent as a nine-bob note!

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