‘Tranny’ bullshit refuted

I have often considered the fact that we hold the right of ‘freedom of speech’ to be the greatest gift won by the civilised nations on this planet. It is one of the first things to disappear when a dictator, or an overbearing regime, whether of left- or right-wing persuasion, takes control of a nation. They do not like the truth being broadcast, and so they attempt to muzzle those who wish to speak out. As with governments so with individuals, university students, and anyone with a particular axe to grind: theirs is the belief/ the truth, and they do not wish it challenged.

Take the ultra-fashionable idea of ‘transgender identity’ and all the associated bullshit which accompanies this twisted ideal. According to the ‘Trans’ lobby, along with, of course, the militant LGBT squads which loudly preach the latest gospel, no-one is allowed to even query the idea that a man, or a woman, can exchange their gender and have everyone accept this as ‘natural’. Now, if anyone wishes to be fooled, and accepts this ‘blarney’ as reality, good luck to them; but what I dislike is the vicious campaign style adopted by the Zealots who believe in the ‘trans’ ideals. They bully, they troll those who wish or attempt to speak out in opposition to their strange and twisted beliefs and ideals; and allow no-one an opportunity to argue against their dictats.

One of the people who, over the years, has constantly riled me with his vocal and literary pursuit of gay or homosexual rights is Peter Tatchell. I am not against homosexual activity, although I regard the proponents of such activity as weird. My attitude is that of Charles Darwin; whose opinions stated that the only sexual activity worth encouragement was that of heterosexuality. Homosexuality, from a Darwinian standpoint, is clearly a disorder. Homosexual acts cannot produce offspring – so gay men and women effectively remove themselves from the gene pool by remaining homosexual. If that is what they wish to do, fair enough; their bodies, and their gene-pools, are their own business. Tatchell’s standpoint was to encourage others to fight, or demonstrate for their ‘rights’; it is my belief that they enjoy exactly the same rights as anyone else on this planet, and deserve no more and no less than any other member of species ‘Homo-sapiens’.

But suddenly, I have developed a great admiration for the ‘rights campaigner extraordinaire’. Seems as though Mr. Tatchell has been through some sort of conversion process, and has attacked both the ‘Tranny lobby’, as well as coming down, if that is the appropriate term, firmly on the side of the ‘gay cake refuseniks’, Ashers of Belfast. Discussing the stalled Appeal against the conviction of two honest Christians who oppose an ideology which is against their deeply held religious beliefs, he stunned many by supporting the bakers in their fight against their conviction.

Tatchell stated “If the Ashers verdict stands, it would mean a gay baker could be made to make cakes saying ‘I’m against gay marriage’,” said Tatchell. “A Muslim printer would have to publish the cartoons of Muhammad or a Jewish printer publish books of a Holocaust denier. So, much as I disagree with Ashers’ right to be homophobic, and I have spoken out against their anti-gay discrimination, they shouldn’t be forced to aid a political message they don’t agree with. I think it’s important to err on the side of freedom of expression and religion.
“It is difficult for me to take this decision, especially given the incredible levels of homophobia in sections of the Northern Irish community.”

The emails from the officer of the National Union of Students were unequivocal. Fran Cowling, the union’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) representative, said that she would not share a stage with a man whom she regarded as having been racist and “transphobic”.