Two dead, two missing; and not a single person asks: WHY?

We are often told, that we choose what happens to our bodies, it is our decision alone; we are all individually responsible for whatever happens to us: whether the actions are through the hazards and effects of smoking; great and deadly though those hazards factually are: or drinking, possibly less; or through the ingestion or self-administering of noxious drugs and substances; possibly even more deadly than either of the first two.

But where are the calls for a modicum of common sense; for the slightest sense of caution; when three elderly morons decide that they know best; better than all the experts who abound in the region: and move off to go walking/climbing deep in the wilds of Dumfries and Galloway; when the weather, arguably changeable as the wind at these times of the year, is demonstrably atrocious. Two of the three, rescued and brought down by police and mountain rescue teams, lie dead in the hospital morgue, and the third is fighting for his life in that hospital. Did they not, for even one second, think that they might not know the area as good as the experts? Just consider the dangers which the rescue teams, albeit willingly, face every time they journey out to rescue fools, morons and numerous other idiots who want to go, climb or stumble; ‘just because its there’?

Also headlined is the news of two ‘experienced climbers’, one of which is an ‘environmental consultant’, was said to have been hit by an avalanche on the slopes of Ben Nevis. Imagine, two ‘experienced climbers’ being unaware of the dangers of avalanches; deep in the middle of ‘Avalanche Valley’! Doesn’t your incredulity graph sort of head skywards?
If there was a substantial deposit required from all these so-called ‘elderly hill-walkers’ and other suicidally-inclined clowns, all itching to go onto mountain tops and hills when the weather causes everyone else to head for the nearest warm fire; there might be a few less calls for those rescue services.