‘It’ll be alright; after all, we’re just down the road’

I believe that the famous aphorism ‘If you find yourself in a hole; stop digging’ was originally spoken by the American comedian Will Rogers, but grew to be known as ‘Healey’s First Law of Holes’, after it was quoted by the Labour politician Denis Healey.

I was reminded of that famous saying when reading of yet another interminable bleating interview with Kate McCann, wife of Gerry; and mother of the tragic Madeleine. I say interminable, not only because of the way that our Kate rambles on, but the number of times in which she castigates everyone, from the Portuguese Police, to the Metropolitan Police in the UK; all the red-top newsies, most of t’v.’s presenters and programmers, alongside everyone who has ever been interviewed, suspected, cleared or even sniffed at: over the disappearance of that small child. In all the interviews, in the books, magazine and news articles; strangely enough, she does not mention, not ever, the real authors of that little girl’s disappearance: probably because she will not confirm what everyone else already knows as fact. She will not admit the truth, that she and her husband were solely and ultimately responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance because they would not pay 10 euros for a babysitter to look after their three kids while they went off to eat at some outdoor restaurant.

True, the child wasn’t abducted by the parents, but by leaving three small kids all alone; so that they could bloody eat and booze with their mates, they left the drawbridge down, the room unguarded, the windows open; and what better signal to maleficent and evil individuals which states, categorically, that the parents basically did not care.

I still believe that the McCanns should have been visited by a couple of thin-lipped women from Social Services upon their return to the UK, and had the other two kids snatched and placed into care, as those two specimens, personable, educated and media-savvy though they are, were truly unfit to be called parents.

I would end with a quote from Katie Hopkins, a reporter and columnist for whom I have a great deal of respect:- ‘Maddie wasn’t lost because someone took her. She was lost because she was left to be found’.