If you say you need more information whether to leave EU or not….


……..Then you just haven’t been paying attention.

The most important item, on a majority of people’s minds, is Immigration. But, apart from the Romanians and Bulgarians, the vast majority of the inward flow from the EU are totally acceptable to the British, from a viewpoint of reliability, honesty, and just about any other measure. They are like us, in so many ways; which is why they assimilate so quickly and readily.

The single item or measure which should be pursued, but of course is not, is not just Nationality, but Nationality coupled with Religious Persuasion. I refer of course to the new Fifth Column amongst us, the Muslims. There are now over two million of these belligerents, all claiming that their bloody god is better than any of ours; and we see, from hard evidence, that there are those amongst the ranks of Muslims who see it as their holy duty to kill in the name of their f****ing so-called prophet Mohammed.

So why is my stance firmly in the ‘Leave’ camp. Apart from the curse of the Human Rights Act, imported from the EU without any in-depth research as to the extent and ramification of this pernicious Act; as well as the actuality of the imposition of European Law overriding our own Law; I would only point out that the negotiations for Turkey’s full membership of the EU are strolling slowly along, and if the Turks ever get over the fact that they would have to accept that Greece rules over half of Cyprus, they will be eligible for full membership in about four years time. Has anyone else looked at the ethnic and religious make-up of Turkey? 85% Muslim, a small and ever-diminishing Arabic Christian contingent, and the balance mainly Kurdish, who of course are still Muslim, but want their own Independence.

Just contemplate that statistic, and then decide if you wish to remain in a Europe, Federal or not, where you will be forced to accept that a good proportion of 90 million Muslims want to live next door to you; and you would not be able to say ‘No’, because of that old ‘Free Movement’ routine of which the EU is so very fond.

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