and several walked by on the other side

I write as an Englishman with strong Northern Irish bonds by birth, along with an intimate knowledge of the intricacies of the Province’s politics, and a calm look at how British Law had been trashed, ignored and twisted, all in the cause of the famed and ‘sacred’ (my italics) Peace Process’; which brought in to Government, Sinn Fein, the grinning representatives of the murderous IRA, along with the equally venal PUP, cover for the UVF paramilitaries, and the DUP, the Protestant origins of which stem from the likes of ex-Stormont Unionist Prime Ministers Terence O’Neill and Brian Faulkner, together with the old traditions of Ian Paisley and all his passionate but deluded religion-based ideals; alongside their well-known cover for the UDA, yet another gang of killers and criminals.

I note with growing alarm the intentions of the PSNI, the ‘reformed’ Police Service, in interviewing under caution the Paratroopers who were alleged to have ‘shot and murdered’ civilians in Londonderry in 1972. Strange, is it not, that these men, supposedly given anonymity and protection under the terms of the Saville Enquiry, are once again to be questioned as to what happened that fateful day; when over two hundred IRA killers have all been sent letters stating that they will not be either prosecuted or imprisoned for the murders they undoubtedly committed.

My own ‘interpretation’ of the happenings which led to the SAVILLE enquiry can be read here, and believe me when I posted it on a Blog devoted to Northern Irish politics, the venom in the comments stated only one thing; that I was right on the button!