No sugar, No booze; No cakes: No bread; No bacon: and no Joy!

We are bombarded with orders, instructions, dire warnings, exhortations; from every bloody busybody under the sun: the ludicrous comments of Dame Sally; the chief medical officer of England, Jamie Oliver and all his mouthy, self-opinionated cooking buddies, as well as all those who spout all day and every day on tv; alongside all the other twitchy clowns, all of whom know so much better than us.

The orders and the screeching exhortations? Lose weight! You are Obese! You are too fat! Don’t you understand the RISKS? And so on, and so forth; ad bloody infinitum!

Now I realised, some years ago, that I was too fat. Many of us are; but, writing just as one individual, I realised that the urge to change had to come from myself. I realised just how overweight I was by viewing a video, taken by one of my two sons, where I was seated, talking and playing with one of my grandsons. As I do not have a full-length mirror in my home, I literally did not realise, until viewing that video, how fat I had become, through years of indifference towards my own health.

So, I commenced what many millions have done, trying to get some exercise; undergoing one or other of the many diets, some crank, some not; on the market today. It is then, and only then, that you realise that that weight, which is extending your belly, straining your trousers and really making your heart work overtime, is bloody difficult to remove. I will not, mainly for delicacy reasons, speak of what I put my bodily systems through in order to achieve a weight-loss regime; but the side-effect were, to put it mildly, simply hard to overcome. I stopped one diet, commenced another, and continued until, by sheer experimentation, good luck and determination; lit upon a diet regime which works for me. I would never claim, without doubt, that it would work for many others, as I am far too level-headed to state that I have discovered the ‘Holy Grail’, a dieting regime which works safely for everyone who may try it: but I am losing weight, slowly, steadily, and without any of the side-effects which mar many of the more widely known dieting regimes.

I have so far lost, through dieting and a small amount of exercise, which hopefully will increase; a solid chunk of the fat which has built up over the years. When I tell you that I can now comfortably wear trousers which I discarded some fifteen years ago; that might give some indication of the success ratio which I am enjoying. But that weight loss has not come about by itself; you have to be committed, you have to be wary of eating the wrong foods, you must not be overcome by the sheer boredom of a limited diet. To that end I break my imposed diet every fortnight, mainly because my three grandsons visit on a Sunday, and I make and partake of a substantial lunch; but partly because I refuse to leave behind  all the guilty pleasures of eating what I like, when I like; behind; but fortunately my body only takes two/three days to change back to the weight-loss regime; so I can, literally, have my cake, and eat it!


Magic! Bored No More!

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